Yeah, it sounds pretty unbelievable, but bear with me.

Without diving into the mysterious depths of my brain, I tend to think I’m holding it together pretty well. I’m stable (enough), I’m not (overly) hard on myself and I’m functioning (to an acceptable level).

Throughout the whole Covid thing, I happily muddle along. I keep doing what I do, and give myself a pat on the back.

  • Got up
  • Ate
  • Did something loosely productive
  • Had a nap
  • Ate
  • Did some washing up
  • Did some laundry
  • Ate
  • Watched some tv
  • Went to bed

Okay so the eating three times is a slight exaggeration and obviously I also brush my teeth and on a special occasion have a shower.

Then something comes along, like starting a PGCE, and makes me think “Maybe I only managing to do the things I do?”

Most recently it was a questionnaire from the National Centre for Mental Health. I can’t remember what the survey title was but “How hard has Covid fucked you?” is somewhat synonymous.

I’m most definitely not a mental health professional, I’m barely professional, but those answers don’t scream “This guy has got his shit together”.

So, bad news: I’m not great at evaluating the state of my mental health.

But, good news: I’m thinking my mental health is better than it is, and that’s optimism! Right?

I feel like when I sat down to write this I wanted to get at something deeper, but it has escaped me.

So, until next time, the serialisation of my memoirs is a fortnightly thing, Hire me?