Two and a bit weeks after submitting my complaint I was surprised to receive an email containing an unredacted copy of my interview notes.
The accompanying email made no reference to the complaint so my initial assumption was that this was the work of a maverick whistleblower.

Imagine the headlines:

Cardiff’s Clandestine Conspiracy Suppresses Andy’s Interview Notes

But yeah, it turned out that the Governance and Compliance Officer was just significantly faster at doing things that the Complaints Manager.

As I’m sure you have surmised, I have highlighted the formerly redacted comments in that fairly unpleasant yellowy brown colour.

We’ll start with the freshly discovered nonsense Ms Fenn wrote.

  • “Personal qualities” Now, with most of the notes there is no context, so I was rejected because of this, but we can’t be sure whether this is negative or positive feedback. Like, maybe I was too cool to be a primary school teacher and Ms Fenn was pushing me towards a higher calling?
  • “Body language lets him down.” Well, I have recreated my typical poses from the day.
Andy Saul spelling Fuck You Lisa Fenn with his arms.
  • “Poor attitude.” Who knows what I did to deserve that.
  • “Challeny arraginks” Your guess is as good as mine there. I guess this is why she unsuccessfully tried to scribble this section out.
  • “Body language!!!” I once read somewhere that exclamation marks are a really sloppy writing tool. There are better ways of expressing what in this case might be incredulity. I thought my body language was pretty typical representation of my everyday nonverbal communication.
    Do I wander around nonverbally offending people? Is this something I should worry about?

So that concludes the unfiltered opinion of Ms Fenn.
Onto how I upset Ms Jones.

  • “Communicated in quite a brisk manner.” WHAT? I had 5 minutes to teach the group a skill. Two of the other interviewees taught the skill of folding a t shirt and another one taught us how to clap.
    That was the level, since when has folding clothes and clapping been a noteworthy skill. I can do both of those things at the same time.
    So yes maybe I should have taught a different skill, one that would have allowed me to communicate at a more leisurely pace, like maybe breathing or sucking eggs.
  • “Body language!?” Again it seems like even a silent movie starring me would be rated 18 for strong and offensive language.
  • “Almost arrogant” Close but no cigar. I’m sure I was almost a lot of things during the day. If we’re allowing speculative comments about things people almost were, but weren’t; then I direct you to my comment in The Complaint.

Now, it would be completely irresponsible of me to suggest that someone who feels it’s more on topic to talk about inclusion of kids with behaviour issues than inclusion of kids from other cultures or with other beliefs was a racist.

Andy Saul, 2020

Oh, actually that doesn’t make sense, because it’s not about someone being almost racist, it’s about someone being definitely racist.

  • “I’m afraid.” This one is my favourite because not only is it bizarre in content. It earned an underline and it’s squeezed into the margin as if it’s an after thought. I can just imagine Ms Jones adding this at the end of the day after being haunted by the concept of representing 3D shapes in 2D.

Why the U – turn on redaction policy?

Well, I’m going to break the chronology of the narrative here. I know it’s a shitty thing to do, and I personally can’t cope when stories aren’t chronological, but I think this adds clarity here.

On 23/09/2020, Mr Weaver, the Information & Data Compliance Officer at Cardiff Met emailed me to explain the redactions.

What a top guy! The data protection team have been the only useful department that I’ve spoken to from Cardiff Met. So a huge thanks to Mr Weaver and his team.

So, until next time, if you’re looking for someone who’s body is deeply offensive, Hire me?

Wait, that doesn’t sound right…