Previously on Andy’s Memoire:

  • I applied to Cardiff Met.
  • I didn’t get in.
  • I asked for feedback.
  • I inferred that I shouldn’t have said “secondary school kids are especially obnoxious”.
  • I showed my ignorance regarding the process of recruiting a ghost writer.

Personally, I thought getting the interviewers notes regarding me would be pretty easy, apparently I was mistaken.

A Freedom of Information request for useful feedback seemed excessive, but I went through the motions. Nothing was going to get in the way of my finding out what faux pas I had committed.

Armed with the key that would reveal my litany of personal failings, I dived into the enticingly named “Final Response Combined”.

Redactions, bummer. But I scored a 4 in all the interview aspects.

Oh, 4 is bad…

Yeah, I forgot/chose not to bring a letter from my headteacher. I naively assumed the fact one of my references came from the Deputy Head would be sufficient.

No doubt intelligent

L. Fenn, 2020

Before I get bogged down in analysing ever comment in far more detail than anyone every should, let’s return to the narrative.

What did they write that would need redaction?

All I said was my mate told me secondary school kids aren’t nice. I didn’t shit on anyones first born.

Think of this as a bit of a bottle episode, not much happened but it means the next chapter can be more explosive.

So, until next time, if you’re looking for someone who is consistently unsatisfactory, Hire me?

As if this whole ordeal wasn’t crippling enough for my ego, have you say below.