Personally I thought the interview day had gone pretty well, apparently I was mistaken.

Perhaps my confidence was based in my White, middle class, cis male privilege. In hindsight, I should have realised I was a minority when the interviewers filed in. Imagine the whitest Loose Women panel you’ve ever seen and then make it a little bit whiter and more female.

My only concern at the end of the day was, come September cycling up the hill to Cyncoed would be a pain in the arse.

Two days or three days later, (how does one count days? Does one include the end days or not?). But yes, a few days later I received the ego crippling news that my application had been rejected.

Naively I reached out for some feedback, because I would have accepted me, I did bloody brilliantly!

Here is the email thread relating to my seemingly unexpected request for feedback:

I’ve redacted the names of the supporting characters in this story because, thats a nice thing to do?

Over the month this thread covers Ms Fenn decided she didn’t want to talk to me and instead set her Marketing and External Relations henchpeople on me. Seemingly Ms Fenns only input was to tell someone to tell me that she didn’t like the answer I gave to her question “Why primary teaching? What has influenced your decision?”

What did you say that was less professional and carelessly considered and constructed? I hear you all cry.

My friend did a Secondary PGCE, and she said secondary school kids are especially obnoxious.

Andy Saul, 2020


They bang on about how important a sense of humour is, but when I crack a top notch joke, suddenly they’re all doom and gloom.

In actuality, they were doom and gloom throughout and I probably misread the room, but cheesy petes.

Unconvinced that a tongue in cheek comment had scuppered my chances at Cardiff Met, I submitted a Freedom of Information Request.

Spoiler alert: Apparently I fucked up at every stage (I didn’t actually, I was brilliant, but they didn’t like me).

So, until next time, if you’re interested in ghostwriting my memoirs, Hire me? Or I’ll hire you? I don’t know how ghostwriting works.

Well, I understand the concept of ghostwriting, I just don’t know how one goes about it.