I am writing to you regarding your new “Trigger Project” range.

I am interested in what materials are used to produce the “Dettol Spray Refill” pouches. Why have you chosen to introduce this non-widely recyclable container into your product range? While the pouches use 70% less plastic than bottles, there is still 30% as much plastic waste. Did you consider a system where customers refilled their spray bottles from barrels at retailers? There is a zero waste living store close to my house where they use this system very effectively.

I am also interested in why you continue to promote disposable wipes with the “Biodegradable Muti-Surface Wipes”. What were the “compost conditions” under which they were tested? There are obviously huge differences between home composting and industrial composting. Currently my local council will not accept wipes in food waste, garden waste, or recycling waste. Can I compost these wipes at home? I understand that if biodegradable waste is sent to landfill it can produce signifiant amounts of greenhouse gasses. How are you ensuring that these biodegradable wipes are not sent to landfill?

Many Thanks

Andy Saul