Turns out the new PPDis system isn’t bad at all. It’s nice when the evil capitalists surprise you and improve things for us lowly contractors. When it’s all averaged out I’ve made more than £4.25 on all my drops so hurrah.

To allay the fears PPDis struck into the hearts of riders, Deliveroo sent representatives out to some of the major cities. On 6th July they hired a conference room in the Cardiff Holiday Inn. Riders always seem to be bitching about how the bosses keep us in the dark and mistreat us. I assumed that it would be standing room only with everyone wanting to find out more and air their grievances. Turns out only 10 of us bothered to attend. The presentation was really interesting and our opinions were listened to. It made me feel a hell of a lot more positive about Deliveroo.

Unsurprisingly in the following weeks, many riders cluelessly questioned the system. Ignoring the fact their ignorance was self-inflicted. Self-inflicted ignorance is fine, it doesn’t necessarily drag the rest of us down. However this idleness can cause problems for everyone.

After I completed my first 50 deliveries, I recieved a £50 voucher to spend in the Deliveroo shop. This was perfect for getting a few new work T Shirts and a spare thermal bag. I recieved a voucher again after my first 500 deliveries. It’s not much, and the bags are pretty shitly made but its something. It’s a kind thought. At the 6th July presentation we found out this scheme had been axed. It turns out less than 10% of riders actually used the vouchers. Quite reasonably the big bosses assumed noone would mind if ditched it.

This ubiquity of disinterested riders was made clear to me again two weeks ago. Deliveroo announced they would be offerning riders a free first aid course. The Cardiff venue was the Red Cross’ training facility (a half hour ride from the city centre). Of the three sessions offered I chose the middle one (11.30 – 13.30). Each session could accomodate 15 students. I roled up at 11.20, first to arrive. I was chatting to the trainer, over a complimentary cup of tea, when he mentioned the session couldn’t run with only one student. Bit of a weird fact to throw out there until he went on to say only one rider turned up to the 9.00 session. Thankfully I was joined by another budding “Deliveroo Hero”. It was a basic course, but it covered the recovery position, CPR and choking in adults, children and babies. I left better informed and It made me feel a hell of a lot more positive about Deliveroo.

But, on the journey home I couldn’t help thinking Deliveroo probably wouldn’t pay for the training again. Maybe, hopefully, the final session was full to capacity. Because it doesn’t look good when you pay for 30 places, three people turn up, and only two of them can actually complete the course.

It looks like the vast majority of Deliveroo contractors would like more benefits, but would much prefer to continue moaning about the company. So next time you see an  article like this, feel sorry for the rider but remember Deliveroo aren’t total dicks.

Until next time, use it or lose it, insurance is a must, and hire me?