Back on 7th June, one of my colleagues shared some news on Facebook. He had attended a “research session” with Deliveroo. Six days later, I was lucky enough to attend a “research session”. I agreed I wouldn’t discuss the content of the session with anyone. Unconvinced how binding the agreement was, I signed on the dotted line. But, I’ll pay fair and keep that session completely secret. The wrath of the Deliveroo Gods in not something I wish to endure.

This article used information shared on Facebook. Definitely not any information that I agreed not to discuss…

Deliveroo’s fee systems have changed a few times. Before I started riding for Deliveroo, they payed per hour. The 2017 rates were £6 per hour and an additional £1 per delivery. Paying riders to wait for orders, no wonder this changed. Some riders continue on this Pay Per Hour (PPH) system thanks to older contracts. I joined in the age of Pay Per Drop (PPD) contracts. Thanks to a few pay rises, I earning £4.50 per delivery. If its busy, the Deliveroo Gods assign a Double order. One restaurant, two lots of food, two customers. They’re great, a shorter distance and a shorter time, and £8.

My colleagues “research session” was regarding a new fee system. Pay Per Distance, there doesn’t appear to be a roll out timeframe. However it appears the French will have to endure this system before us!

As is my way, I thought I’d investigate further. After all, Deliveroo don’t make changes to help the riders. Maybe that was a cynical thought, maybe they’re shunning capitalism.

The Facebook grapevine suggests the new fee system has three parts. A collection fee (£2), a delivery fee (£1) and a distance fee (£?). My colleague suggested a capped minimum distance fee of 60p. Luckily for me, Cardiff is one of the UKs higher paying zones. Let’s assume this means a higher capped minimum fee. We’ll say 90p (selected completely at random…). No-one seems to know what the £/km would be. To make this work we’ll just guess that they’ll pay 35p≤ £/km ≤55p.

Armed with a GPS I worked four shifts over four days and logged my positions. A spreadsheet and some maths offered up some surprising results.

If Deliveroo payed 55p/km I would be £4.58 better off, a 4% increase.
If Deliveroo payed 35p/km I would be £10.72 worse off, an 8% decrease .
Basically 48p/km would keep my earning the same, well, in this case £0.38 higher.

In the grand scheme of things a relatively harmless change.


Last night, the Deliveroo Gods assigned me a Double. No-one has any idea how Pay Per Distance will affect Double fees.
Ive used three different combination distances for this drop:
1. Original Location – Restaurant – Customer1 – Customer2 (L-R-C-C)
2. Original Location – Restaurant – Customer1 – Restaurant – Customer2 (L-2R-2C)
3. Original Location – Restaurant – Customer1 – Original Location – Restaurant – Customer2 (2L-2R-2C)

Combination 1. loses me £2.53 @ 50p/km
Combination 2. loses me £2.53 @ 50p/km
Combination 3. loses me £2.25 @ 50p/km

So this is their evil plot!

If we continue to work with 50p/km its an average £0.08 gain per delivery.
Using my deliveries between 28/05/18 and 24/06/18, 245 singles and 19 doubles. Pay Per Distance would reduce my income by £28.47 (3%).

Until next time, fight for everyones rights, and hire me?

All the data if you care