Deliveroo gets a lot of criticism about its operating practices, but I don’t think its all deserved. Deliveroo is a young company still getting to grips with what is basically a brand new market.

Yesterday Deliveroo announced that they are going to provide all their cyclist contractors with free insurance. Covering loss of earnings, personal injury and public liability, so that’ll save me about £10 a month!

If you cast your mind back to the Beast from the East, Deliveroo were accused of “incentivising delivery riders to sacrifice their safety in extreme weather conditions.” But on 1st March, when the “beast” first hit, they closed the Cardiff zone at 3pm for rider  safety. On 2nd, 3rd March they allowed riders to cancel booked sessions without penalisation. So okay, they offered incentives of £2.50, £2.00, and £1.50 for deliveries at some times on 1st, 2nd and 3rd March respectively. But…

As someone who relies on Deliveroo for all my income, I don’t want to miss 3 days work just because the weathers bad. I took a bit of extra time and didn’t lean into those corners like I usually do and I survived. More importantly, I was rushed off my feet!

So while there are plenty of people moaning about a company making its contractors work in the dangerous conditions. No-one mentions the customers who decided a blizzard would be a great time to order take away. The number of deliveries I was assigned per hour stuck around the average. Untitled67.jpeg

And I had no end of people asking me why they couldn’t order on the Thursday. We seem to live in a world where we love to moan about companies, but also think getting a take away in the snow is vital.

So I know what you’re thinking, “I bet all the customers were really grateful”.

NO! Some people did offer me water and some people tipped but the vast majority were as blasé as usual.Untitled.jpegTips dwindled around 35p per drop! It was only the incentive that made working the Beast from the East anything out of the ordinary (money wise).

People don’t think twice about tipping their waiting staff at a restaurant, so why is it so unusual to tip a rider. At the end of the day, cycling 2km with £80 worth of pizzas probably doesn’t deserve a tip or even a thanks.

Until next time, tip your rider, and hire me?

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