Last weekend my brother Chris had his first session as a Vegan Food Purveyor.  He’s started Hutch Food, so if you’re from London and like vegan food that is almost 100% gluten, check it out

So that’s what my brothers doing, after my last post he gave me some feedback and encourages me to spin my blog to a more positive tone.  Especially since:

Smart people understand problems, smarter people solve them

He suggested some great names for a positive, popular and sharable article.  But they didn’t quite sit with me.  While I don’t want to be seen as a person who just picks fault, I can’t portray myself as someone with all the answers.  Sure I have a lot of the answers, but I believe it takes a few iterations to get to the right solution.  I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say “I don’t know how to advertise a bar, I don’t know how to design and distribute fliers and I have no idea how to run a bar”.

My lack of specialisation is my biggest strength, I don’t have all the answers but I know how to find them.  Whenever I am negative or critical it is because I can see a better way to do it.

Until next time, check out Hutch Food, oh and hire me?