During May I did some promo work (leafletting) for a leading German sounding bar.  Finally hired, my excitement was palpable!  I had some idea of the monotony I was letting myself in for, but it was ever so slightly more soul destroying than I imagined.

On the plus side I was reminded how meagre minimum wage is and as came out wiser.

Marketing is an art and I think if you stick to some basic rules you’ll probably do okay.  Below are some “artists interpretations” of some of the flyers I was handing out.

Scan 26 Jun 2017, 18.32.jpg

  1. If you need a map to show where you are, you’re probably in a terrible location.  Don’t forget only about 2.7% of the UK population have completed their Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh award…
  2. The same band playing the same music twice a week doesn’t get much repeat custom.
  3. It’s not free when you have to pay to get in.
  4. If it’s just drink prices no-one cares about it, people like vouchers.
  5. Happy hour isn’t a thing if it’s all the time, it also lacks the usual appeal.
  6. This is a terrible prize!
  7. Maybe just pick one brand name rather than trying to run three.

It’s generally accepted that leafletting has, at best, a 1% success rate.  Just for ease lets say every other person takes a flyer.  Promo folk have to offer 200 people a flyer, and get rejected by half in order for one person to visit.  If there’s a constant flow of public and each interaction takes maybe 5 seconds.  In that 4 hour shift you’re working, you’ll drum up 14 customers.

If this isn’t emotionally crippling for the Promo folk, it can’t be easy on the venues wallet.  Every customer who visited because of a flyer has to spend £2 just to cover the cost of the Promo hours.  Surely there are more efficient, more effective promotion techniques.

So, that covers Badvertising, now for the Litter Promotion.

Making more assumptions, lets say that 1% take their flyer to the venue and dispose of it in a recycling bin there.  What happens to the other 99%, best case scenario, they are recycled.  More likely they’re put in a general waste bin or dropped on the street, either way they’re going to land fill.  So for that 4 hour shift 1386 flyers (5.8kg) go to waste.

Maybe that’s okay, maybe people are generally good and do recycle, then its only a waste of energy and ink, rather than that AND card/paper/wood.  However when you flyer drunk people, they don’t pay attention to the leaflets and they definitely just drop them.

If you’re walking along the street and you’re handed 5 different flyers within 200m.  What do you do? Keep them? Drop them? Recycle them? Bin them? Are all these venues just promoting littering and waste?

Until next time, if you want to improve your advertising or make your promotion more efficient and less awful for the planet, hire me?