…I’m like the whole damn diamond mine! (NSFW Link)

In my last post, I touched on the fact I think I’m wonderful.  For a long time I regretted that my brilliance came across to some as hyper-criticalness, and unhelpful negativity.  However a while back I read ‘Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories and Stuff’.  That book kind reassured me that I was doing okay, that my attitude was largely alright.  Also, Don Cherry is a top guy and I feel like we share a lot of ideas and attitudes on life.  Its definitely worth a read!

Unfortunately, the semiyear of apparent unemployability I am experiencing makes me question this outlook.  I’d love a nice 9-5 job with a salary and pension, but I am beginning to realise that’s probably not for me.

Sun Tzu’s wisdom,

Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting;

Probably won’t change my ever so slightly confrontational approach.  I just can’t get my head around how people can settle for something thats less than the best possible.  Time and money will always constrain projects, but I’m not convinced removing train tickets takes huge amount of either.

Tree Surgery and Whittling seem like a good career fit for me, but what I would really love to do is make a difference.  Roaming around improving the things that people wrongly assume aren’t a problem.

Like this graph,


Or this label


I give it a month before I give in and transform myself into the faceless, opinion void, zombie the mainstream world we are forced to inhabit, requires.

Until next time,  if you want help correctly annotating graphs/charts or writing descriptive labels, hire me?