(I wrote this last week and at least three people thought it was some sort of cry for help.  So here’s a hopefully more upbeat rewrite.)

If you think you’re crazy, you’re not

But what if that’s not the case, or what if I’m the exception that proves the rule?

This morning I was simultaneously declined for an Assistant Warehouse Manager job and a minimum wage warehouse underling job.  This double whammy of disappointment lead me to consider this soul crippling thought:

What if I’m not actually as fantastically brilliant as I think I am?

To make matters worse, yesterday my blog was described as, “self-absorbed, complaining, and criticising”.  A long day of soul-searching, navel gazing, and sulking ensued .

The result of all that self-reflection:

Well, actually, I am breathtakingly awesome!  I don’t know why I doubted that for a second, never mind a day.  I’m just ahead of my time, one day the world of employment will catch up with my trail blazing attitude, ideas and interview fashion.

Until next time, if you know I’m magnificent too, Hire Me?