Well that’s how you do it on Pages.

Maybe I’m just going a little bit stir crazy and taking poor formatting to heart.  It is a problem though, most job descriptions ask for “Excellent (or good) IT skills”.  Then they hit you with the ugliest application_form.docx.  Is it the first test? Do I need to reformat the application form and then complete it?

Then when you think its problem solved, they hit you with

Where there is insufficient space for full information to be given on the form, additional details should be given in the space provided on page 6, or on a separate sheet.

That is straight up 100% not how word processing works.  Like, one of the fantastic things about using computers is you can just make extra space anywhere in the document!  I’m not going to worry when I need ten lines and the writer only hit return 5 times before the next section title.  It’s the important little details like that, that get overlooked.

Or worse, I refer you to my Instagram post.  Words fail me.  I’m shocked they didn’t have Elvish as an option for National Identity.  Unless my squire is completing this on my behalf, while I put on my codpiece, that font is not cool!

This has turned into more of a rant than I anticipated, however I think it highlights a serious problem within smaller charities.  The “its okay because we’re a charity” excuse. Let’s all have a bit more believe in ourselves, we don’t have to settle.  Too often people confuse “the best” with “good”.

Until next time, if you want me to format application forms nicely, Hire Me?

Also my mother thinks I should consult, so if you like my madcap ideas.  I’m down for some pro-bono consulting!