Since leaving Techniquest I have applied for 31 jobs, on average one every four days (I need to step up my game).  A statistical breakdown for you, Of 31 applications:

  • I made it to interview in 6% (2) of them
  • I got the job in 3% (1) of them
  • I was declined for 39% (12) of them

But tragically 55% just didn’t reply.

My job hunt before Techniquest make even worse reading.  Of 81 applications:

  • I made it to interview in 5% (4) of them
  • I got the job in 1% (1) of them
  • I was declined for 33% (27) of them

And 61% didn’t get back to me.

I get that my lack of success isn’t hugely interesting, but it illustrates an important point.  Not that I’m unemployable, but that people don’t really know when a reply would be appreciated and when silence is best.

As soul destroying as the masses of “thanks, but no thanks” emails are, at least you can stop waiting.  Everyone appreciates closure!

On the other hand there are those emails people think you’ll appreciate when you really don’t.  I went to a workshop last week, feedback forms were circulated at the end.  I wasn’t hugely impressed and made this apparent on the very basic feedback form.

In the hope of turning a negative feedback form into a useful experience for all involved I emailed the organiser.  Constructive criticism can be tough to take especially from  the likes of me (an unemployed, under experienced, engineering graduate with harebrained schemes).  But maybe instead of sending that brush off email, just don’t reply.

I guess if you don’t think the reply will add anything or offer needed closure, just don’t send it.  Spend that time doing something more useful.

Until next time, if you’d like me to decide whether or not you need to reply to those emails, Hire Me?