A preamble feels weird so I’ll just jump in to it?

Sometimes depression is described as a black dog, I wish I could sum up my depression quite so concisely and poetically.  Alas, for me it’s just kind of a mess.  To me the black dog analogy suggests depression is an addition to ones life.  I experience it as a subtraction, a lack of motivation, drive and concentration regarding pretty much everything.  It’s just like nothing really matters, and when you take the routine of employment out of the equation is just gets worse.  I can 100% stay in bed all day, or not shower for a week.  It’s not as empowering as you’d think!  Turns out work is an important part of my identity.

This post has been a bit short and I guess that’s because the hardest part of talking about my depression is that my life really isn’t very bad.  I have always had my “Basic needs” fulfilled, giving me a sure footing on  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Now I’m almost certainly realising my “Belongingness and love needs”.  It’s just those elusive top two levels.

I guess my lack of real reason for having depression is because its clinical depression rather than situational depression.

You know, life goes on, and I’m sure I will reach the top of that triangle of Maslow’s.  Lets all have a more open approach and discuss mental health problems, well any problems really.

Until next time, lets all share our problems because “none of us are as smart as all of us”, Hire Me?maslow-pyramid