Today marks two weeks since I reentered the world of unemployment and a day since I picked up my wrongly addressed P45 (but hey it’s not as if I told them my change of address like 4 times)!

To mark the occasion, I thought I’d reflect on my time at Techniquest.  As much as I have a habit of bashing the place, I learnt and experienced so much.  Heres a run down of my best bits

  • Realising that Science Centres actually employ people
  • Expanding my knowledge of mechanical things with the help of Uncle Colin
  • Having time to do harebrained schemes
  • Learning that actually you don’t have to be very competent to retain a job
  • All of the insightful discussions with Uncle Elwyn
  • Meeting all the incredible people who work/worked at the centre

No doubt other things too, but for now that will do.

Until next time, I need things to write about, hire me?

P.S.Also befriending Rob was fabulous too!