Gosh, kids are the worst!  This weeks Learning Club hit a few bumps and very nearly cost me my sanity.  But I’m back; better, more open more excited about what we can achieve!

Far too many hours of my first week of unemployment have been spent planning lessons and printing resources for the KS2 kids at The Learning Club.  Feeling positive I headed down to Butetown to get some non-formal learning going.  A series of events followed, including but not limited to; too many children turning up, me shouting at a child, said child crying and no one understanding simple instructions.

I was frustrated at how the sessions had gone and I felt as if I was pulling in one direction, while others pulled in another direction and kids just pushed in every other direction.

Later that evening it hit me, I hadn’t done anything wrong (well apart from the crying kid, maybe), but there was so much I just hadn’t done!

My dream for The Learning Club is for a fun, exciting non-formal learning environment.  A place where everyone gains something and enjoys.  This is where all the things I haven’t done have come back to bite me.  I have started trying to mould the club single handedly without explaining and communicating with the most important people there, the kids.

So next week we’re going back to basics, deciding together how we want to learn, what we want from the club, what we think the rules should be and why we need them.  The Learning Club needs to become Our Learning Club for it to reach its full potential.

In essence never forget about the people you’re doing something for and it never too late to realise that none of us are as smart as all of us.

Until next time, the novelty of unemployment has worn off now, hire me?