All adjectives than can be used to describe this post.

Yesterday was my birthday, my best friend (and the occasional proof reader of my blog) Mica bought me a fantastic card*.

Now I don’t want you all thinking that I’m praying for my demise, but being rid of this word probably wouldn’t be the worst thing!  So this moment of mortal musing got me thinking, What do we live for?

What is the point of being alive?

Keeping our species going isn’t really a valid reasons, because, well humans are already pretty well established blight on our fine planet.  Also, Is having children a really selfish act?  The world is tough and forcing a child to be a part of it seems, pretty harsh.  But maybe thats all fine?

Making a positive difference, seems like the perfect purpose for life.  The world is tough, so lets all try to change it for the good.  I struggle to motivate myself for personal gain.  Most of the stuff I do it because its really easy and time consuming or because it will help someone else.  However, this is where a problem arrises, what if you’re part of something that improves peoples lives but isn’t very effective.  Is that okay? Or are you actually preventing more significant changes from occurring.  If something isn’t the best it can be, what do you do?

So yeah, Im all out of ideas for being alive.

Until next time, Ive still got two thirds of my life to go (at least!!) Im bound to need another job at some point so, lets network!!!!