Now I have my new bachelor pad I can dedicate more time to blogging and what not, so stay tuned world!

My involvement with ACE Cardiff has taken a step up, I am now in charge of the KS2 Learning Club (self proclaimed KS2 Don).  For the half term just gone, I devised a scheme of work rolling English, Maths and Science into an Ancient Inventions topic.  Cross curricular teaching is allegedly all the rage now.  For the uneducated among us, cross curricular means smashing subjects together so the kids have no idea what skills they’re learning.  Some say it helps them to understand how skills are transferable.  But I think its pretty obvious that they all use words (english), numbers (maths) and like pens (science).

Anyway, accompanying this post (hopefully) is the tutor booklet I developed.  It’s fantastic so have a look!  The kids really enjoyed the problem solving aspect of inventions and all together I think it went pretty well.

This week I have been evaluating the scheme of work and have come up with a few areas requiring improvement:

  • Communication between myself and the tutors could have been better, this would have ensured the lessons hit the learning objectives.
  • Motivation for the children would have benefited from some “stick”, we had nice amounts of “carrot”, but we were lacking on the iron fist!
  • I threw them in at the deep end on occasion, making some tasks slightly too challenging.

Until next time, I am accepting weekend and evening job offers, hire me?