It has been four months and one day since I became officially unemployed and on the dole.  My career in the events industry hasn’t done me much good in getting an interview so far, so I’m contemplating changing it up a bit.

Do you have to be doing something for an organisation to claim it as work experience?  Or does just putting the hours in count too?

Since SimCity 3000 I have successfully lead many small townships into luxurious cities with suburbs as far as the eye can see.  The citizens have loved me, rewarding my planning prowess with a house for me, statues of me and even major league sports stadia!  I have also used my mastery of city administration to lead a solitary settler and warrior from the dawn of time to the future.  I have racked up 574 hours on Civilisation V, just under the equivalent of 14 weeks of employment.  Surely no one can deny the worth of my 110 Steam achievements in the game.  If I can so capably run a county and a city, I’m sure I’ll excel in any organisation.

What is it that makes a good game though?  Personally I’m all about strategy and decision making.  Janes Fleet Command was installed on the computers at The United States Naval Academy.  No doubt meaning that it was an impressively realistic model of fleet based decision making.  It disappoints me that there haven’t been any more recent developments to the series.  I can’t help feeling like a grumpy old man, when I moan about games these days.  I think too much of the time they try to look pretty and rely on an existing franchise.  I believe players should be hooked on a game because they are immersed in it.  Giving a player the maximum control over the story is more engaging than allowing them to customise a character and make dummy decisions that have no real impact in the game.  One of the best recent examples of decision’s creating a game that you can’t stop playing is Paper Please*.

So, that’s why I’m hoping to start work (with the help of a couple of creatives) on developing a game where player decisions actually count and a truly immersive simulation of choices occurs.

Until next time, if you’re looking for a naval tactician or someone without much experience of game design, hire me?