After a lovely birthday weekend and post birthday week, I’ve got around to writing the follow up to my Landmark post.  Make sure you read that post first if you haven’t already, because its fantastic.

The day after the rally I had a phone call from a representative of Landmark.  She asked me what I thought of the evening and if I was interested in booking myself onto an upcoming course.  After discussing my perceived issues with the program, she picked up on the fact I had said I was currently suffering from a bout of depression.  I was informed that before attending one of their courses I would have to see my GP.  Anyone with mental health issues has to check that their doctor thinks it would be an okay idea.  This is where the worry started to set in.  What possible dangers could there be from this eye opening inspirational weekend?  I asked the lady and was assured that nothing bad could possibly happen and my GP would almost certainly say “Yeah Landmark sounds great for you”.  Maybe its just me but I cant see why I need to check with someone if they are without a doubt going to say “Hell Yes!”

Aside from the unspecified dangers the course puts me in (that totally won’t happen and Landmark has no examples of) I can see some issues that would affect everyone who takes part.

The landslide of changing views and ideas that are promised to happen in your head when you take part will no doubt change your interactions with friends and family.  I like to believe that the people I surround myself with enjoy the pessimistic cynical outlook on life I have spent a lifetime crafting.  If my outlook on life changed over night (or three days and two nights), my personality would also shift.  A prime example of this are the numerous report of students calling someone/everyone in the phonebook to say “I love you”.  I’m all for being all emotional, and I love my friends but nine times out of ten, I would be pretty freaked out if they were to call me out of the blue to say “I love you”.  I can see this putting strain on long existing relationships where both parties had become used to a certain dynamic.  An “organic” gradual development would no doubt allow adaption and changes in expectations to occur more easily.  Slowly, Slowly, Catchee Monkey!

I believe this sudden change is compounded by the fact graduates of Landmark are evangelical about the life altering insights they have learned.  Does this cause Graduates to believe that anyone who isn’t in awe of Landmark is just not yet open to enlightenment?  Rather than an improving outlook on life, maybe the result is just a different outlook that they have told you is right.  If the glasses you see the world through cost £450 and are worn by innumerable other fantastically successful people, then surely they can’t be the wrong.

That’s me done I think…  As I said before I haven’t been on a Landmark course and I could only hack 90 minutes of their sales pitch.  Maybe I’ve got this all wrong and one day my saviour will pay for me to attend a Landmark Course and my mind will finally be open.

In the words of Tim Minchin

“If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out (take my wife)”

Fingers crossed something else exciting will happen soon so I can tell you all about it.

Until next time, hire me?