Last week I finished The Winner Effect by Ian Robertson.  A brilliant read that was suggested to me by my brother.  The book discusses psychological and physical effects that can occur in people who are in positions of power.  One of the most interesting parts for me was not a symptom of success but the suggestion that the world should be more aware of how our leaders handle their power, or how they mishandle it, causing many of the issues facing the human race.  Perhaps we should be battling the systems in which the P-power driven individuals control all the power without S-power minded people to assist them.  Maybe that would be a preemptive solution to the next global crisis?

On Saturday I took part in my first ParkRun, a brilliant excuse to run 5km in the morning.  As seems to be the way these days I was impressed by the volunteers organising and marshalling the event.  I’d love to find out their motivation for giving up their time.  The majority of volunteering opportunities have an immediate pay out, helping someone directly or raising money for example.  As far as I can see, the ParkRun volunteers facilitate people running through a park for 5km on a Saturday.  A very interesting cause to support.

Until next time, hire me?