Since the 18th, I have started volunteering at a British Heart Foundation F&E Store in Canton.  I went there expecting for it just to be a way for me to stave off the cabin fever than seems to be associated with my unemployment, but wow, people’s generosity is incredible.  For too long charity shops have been seen as a gold mine for awful old clothes and dodgy unwanted furniture, that’s not the case at the BHF for sure.  From leather suites to dressing tables, you name it and they’ve got a brilliant range of near new stuff (assuming its furniture or electrical and not a TV larger than 28 inches!).

Alongside my volunteering I have earned a edX certificate in statistics, so if you’re looking for someone to do some stats for you, I’d be an adequate choice for the job!  I have also been taking yoga classes, flexibility is a very common requirement on job specifications so… I’m sounding more and more like a shoe in!

Finally, my housemate and I have taken part in the first ever game of the RDBBA (Rainy Day B-Ball Association), making me the world number 1 RDBBA Player.

Until next time, hire me?